One More Month

Hello again,

I’m beginning to count down the days until the end of this internship and the beginning of my European adventures.  I leave September ninth for a whirlwind, 30-day tour of ten cities in four countries.  We, (Connor, Francois and myself), will land in Madrid and then head to Barcelona, San Sebastian, Paris, Normandy, and then back to Paris, on to Nice, Florence, Rome, Venice, Munich and then Fulda before flying out of Frankfurt back to Portland.  I have only figured out what we are going to do in Madrid so I have a lot of ground to cover this next month.

I don’t think I will be blogging while I am abroad so I will write out my plans here and then follow up on them once I return home.  Upon my return, I will have no job and no plans.  This is when my ‘real life’ adventure will begin.  Currently I am thinking that I would like to work in a service position and volunteer or intern in a Senators’ or Congressmens’ office.  My goal today is to call Senator Wyden’s, Senator Merkley’s and Congressman Schrader’s offices to see about current opportunities.

I’m hoping that I can have a semblence of a plan before I leave because I do not deal with boredom very well.  Even if I’m not busy when I come back, I need to have something that I am working towards or I will turn into a crazy person (though I might already be there).

If you have any suggestions about Europe or Volunteer opportunities let me know and I will definitely take them into consideration.

Now let the planning unfold!


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