I haven’t written a post in ages because I’ve been traveling around Europe with Connor and Francois!  I’ve been so busy sight seeing that posting about my adventures hasn’t happened.  However, my lack of sleep and busy itinerary has finally caught up with me and now I’m sick.  So as Connor and Francois are out drinking, I’m taking the evening off to read, write some emails, and finally update my blog.

Palace in Madrid

We started our adventures with four nights in Madrid.  I loved it.  The city and people were amazing.  Our hostel was awesome!  Not only were great people staying there, but we had a spacious room and easy access to a full kitchen.  By far the best place we’ve stayed so far.  We went on a really fun pub crawl provided by our hostel and saw a lot of the sights there.  Unfortunately our good luck did not extend into Barcelona.

Our first problem was with our train ticket.  We had gone to the Madrid station the day before to buy our reservation.  Eleven Euros later we were booked on the early (7.20) train to Barcelona.  After Connor and I went on an AMAZING date at this place my guide book recommended, we decided to stay up the entire night socializing with our friends.  We dragged our tired asses to the train station in the morning with about 10 minutes to spare, but when boarding the train we were turned away for having the wrong ticket.  Turns out the man had sold us the wrong reservation! For a completely different day!  We then tried to return and exchange it, but they couldn’t do that.  After talking to about 12 different people in 4 different offices in broken-hungover-Spanish we had to buy a new reservation for 8:30 on first class.  Very frustrating and expensive.  Then we showed up in Barcelona to some sort of Monsoon!  We were only in Bacelona for 2.5 days and it rained for 2 of them.  The last half a day, when it was sunny, we went to the Gaudi Church so we never even had a chance to jump in the Meditarranean.

San Sebastian

After Barcelona we headed to San Sebastian for two nights as our conclusion to the Spanish tour.  The first day it was gorgeous amd after getting all our train reservations sorted out for Paris, we spent the afternoon sunbathing and in the ocean.  It was amazing.  I got completely inialated by a wave.  Twice.  Unfortunately, our bad weather from Barcelona seemed to have followed us, and the second day it poured.  I pretty much read all day.  I’ve been pretty sick since the last day in Madrid and I’m still working on getting better.

We then took a night train to Paris.  Arriving at 7:10 AM, we dropped off our stuff and spent the ENTIRE day sight seeing.  After seeing the Notre Dame and Bastille together, we decided to spilt for the afternoon.  I decided I would rent a bike a ride around Paris (even though I’m too scared to ride a bike in Eugene) .  After the electronic machine wouldn’t take my card, a nice parisian guy named Gary (or Gauri I would imagine) paid for my bike so I could see his beautiful city.  I then started off on what would become the never ending ride!

Mellow part of the bike ride

After a few near-death encouters involving traffic cirlces, buses, ambulences, and vespas I realized I was terribly late for meeting Connor and Francois–and on the opposite side of town!  I decided that I would just ride my bike there rather than try and return it and take a metro.  Boy, was that a mistake.  I got lost so many times I must of covered each street twice.  Our hostel was also at the far end of town on top of a hill and my bike only had two working gears.  I literally just turned on every street that was going upward.  I was sweating and peddling my heart out as cute little Parisan girls passed me on their vespas with matching helmets.  It was a good thing I finally did make it back though because Connor was so stressed he was about to go into cardiac arrest.  Overall, I definitely enjoyed my self-unguided-bike tour of Paris.  The day was a perfect fall day.  Sunny and hot but with a light breeze to blow the changing leaves across the parks and such…very picturesque.  (that is if you take my huffing and puffing, sweaty self out of the picture).

This morning we got up early and I felt the sickest I’ve felt yet :/ However, we had an uneventful (thank god) train ride to Nice.  I’m hoping the weather gods have either given up their wrath or we’ve out smarted them on our location and we can finally enjoy some beachy sun.

I’m exhausted now so I’m headed to bed to read and rebuild my immune system.  I appologize in advance for all the typos..I’ll fix them later.

As always, thanks for any interest in my blog 🙂



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