Hello all,

Back from my European rendezvous.  The trip was amazing.  We spent 28 days in Europe and went to Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Paris, Nice, Cinque Terre, Rome, Florence, Venice, Munich, Fulda, and wrapped it up with Berlin.  It was a whirlwind.  When friends ask me what the highlight was, I cannot even put that thought into words.  Truly.  We saw and experienced so much that one memory does not do justice to our trip as a whole.  However, I do believe I most enjoyed the cities where we were outside hiking or laying out on the beach.  Not that I don’t love or appreciate museums and monuments,  I just loved the natural beauty of some of these places.  Nice and Cinque Terre were so beautiful and swimming in the Mediterranean was AMAZING.  Unfortunately, the trip is over and I’m realizing that it is time to get back to reality.

I’m currently working at Senator Jeff Merkley’s in downtown Portland.  After my disastrous OHSU internship I was hesitant to take on another unpaid position but to my pleasant surprise, I’m really enjoying this experience.  I thought that this would just be a temporary gig but now I am hoping that a job opportunity presents itself.  I like being able to work for people that need help.  When constituents  call in with problems and I’m a small part of getting their issue solved, it’s very gratifying.  Also, the people are great.  After being an intern many times over I have come to this realization–when you’re doing some one’s grunt–aka bitch–work, it is the people you’re doing it for that make or break the job.  Anyone can work excel or answer phones, but when you’re doing it around pleasant people, it’s a fun job.  I try to remember this and contribute a good attitude to the workplace as well.

Is it bad that I’m already planning my next trip? I’ve decided that as soon as I can save up enough money I want to go to Brazil and Argentina.  Because I enjoyed the outdoors so much on this last adventure, I want to plan my next trip around natural beauty.

Off to work now so ta ta folks! And always thanks for any interest in my blog!


Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

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