Homemade Pumpkin Pie

Sounds good huh?


The other day I decided to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. And not the kind that uses sweetened condensed milk either. The traditional style – where you use a double boiler to heat the milk and cook the eggs. I wish I had pictures to show the process – it wasn’t pretty. At one point, I was sure I had added the hot milk to the egg mixture way too fast and was making a pumpkin pie that would taste more like an omelet than a dessert. The eggs had clumped up in the milk mixture and it looked nasty. However, I kept on whisking briskly and soon all of the lumps had disappeared!

I then returned the mixture to the burner and continued to whisk. Once it was thick and bubbling, I quickly removed it and stirred in my (canned, unfortunately) organic pumpkin. I had already made a gingersnap crust and then poured the entire pumpkin mixture into the crust. It then had to set for FOUR hours.


While the pie did end up tasting delicious! It didn’t set as much as I would have hoped and looked a little more like pumpkin pudding than pumpkin pie. The crust was amazing and I highly recommend the gingersnap crust over a traditional or graham cracker crust. But I don’t think I’ll be applying to Martha Stewart Living magazine anytime soon…


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