Dog Mountain Hike

After spending Christmas in Washington DC with my dad’s side of the family, I came home to a sick boyfriend. He had unhappily spent almost 10 days straight at his house and was suffering from a severe case of cabin fever. Luckily, I had the perfect cure.

On a rare sunny day in December, we drove out I-84 east, crossed in to Washington State, and parked at the trailhead for Dog Mountain. I was wearing long running pants, waterproof sneakers, a sweatshirt and a northface jacket shell. We started out on the trail unabashed of the 2,300 foot climb. However, it quickly became apparent how grossly underdressed we were for the weather. The snow was knee deep and there was a strong, cold wind.

Despite our wardrobe limitations, we still made it to the top and were able to take it some breathtaking views of the Columbia Gorge. After sufficiently freezing all of our extremities, we raced back down and made it to the car just before sunset – tired, sore, hungry and ready to head home.

I had cured his cabin fever.

I'm a little afraid of heights!
Amazing view point!
We made it!

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