Informational Interviews

As I feared, it’s been difficult to land a job in this lovely economy.

And I haven’t wanted to blog about the challenges.

After many cover letters, a few interviews and no job offers, I haven’t been inspired to share about my job search. This past week, I asked former colleagues and friends if they knew anyone who might be able to help me with my job hunt. This led to 5 informational interviews all around town – from Portland City Hall to a small PR firm to a sportswear company. I feel like the more people I meet with, get advice from and get to know, the better my chances are of finding a great job opportunity. I’ve already met with some very helpful and inspiring individuals. Getting feedback on my  cover letters and resume is always greatly appreciated and will hopefully benefit my job search.

Of course, I like to thank these generous individuals with notes from my favorite print store: Oblation Papers. They have the cutest cards and thank you notes.

Thank you to everyone who continues to offer advice, support and cheer during my job hunt!


Oblation Papers and Press
My favorite thank you notes

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