Father knows best

Hello friends!

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading design blogs even if I don’t even have my own place to decorate!

Via The Unlimited Studio

Recently, I’ve come across many posts featuring old doors as desks. This is such a cool and GREEN idea. The best way to conserve our environment is to not use anything new! You can go to a salvage store and get a old door that costs as little as $5. True story. Most are a little more than that, but it is possible to find one for very cheap.

Then you need something to place it on. The one I’ve featured here uses saw horses – they can also be purchased for relatively cheap. (Keep in mind, saw horses are typically much taller than a desk need be).

If the door is plain, no glass cover is required. However, if the door is paneled, one might consider topping it with glass – which may add some expense to this otherwise cheap project.

Two of these + a wood plank = a cool shelf

This is where I wanted to give a shout out to my dad. My dad is not a trendy, blog following, interior designer. He is practical and cheap. And as long as I can remember his desk has been made out of an old door and two filing cabinets. For shelves, he has stacked wood planks on top of glass blocks…sketchily acquired back in his early 20s.

What about you? Do your parents have any decorating or furnishing tips you plan to emulate? I’d love to know!



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