New best friend

Hello friends,

So cute!

Running around in the capitol building all day makes comfortable shoes a necessity. A few weeks ago, I spied the cutest wedges in J. Crew‘s new spring catalogue. However, they were WAY out of my budget. I decided I would wait until they went on sale and then buy them. Unfortunately, less than a week later I noticed that the color I liked was listed as sold out on the website. I quickly emailed J. Crew stylist, Maggie, asking her if she knew if they would get more in. She quickly responded. She informed me that they wouldn’t be getting more in, but at this time she could probably still track down a pair of the shoes in a store.

I decided to cough up the dough and make the purchase. Maggie tracked them down, ordered them and emailed me to let me know. She also asked that I follow up and let her know if they fit okay or if there were any problems. This whole experience was one of the best customer service experiences I can remember having.

J. Crew, your exceptional service convinced me to spend an exceptional of money amount on shoes.


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