Staying motivated

Which would you take?

Hi Friends,

I wanted to update you on my job! I have been employed for about a month now and I’m so happy to say that I love it. I love doing different things everyday. I research new bills and policies in other states, draft language and schedule meetings with legislators. I don’t even have an office – and I love it. I work off of my laptop in the Capitol building.

In my little world it’s important to never get too settled. This job only exists through the 2011 legislative session in Salem and come June 30, I will be looking for a new job. Currently, I’m researching other organizations, opportunities and options. If possible, I want to seamlessly transfer into a new job after the session. I’ve applied for a few summer internships and will let you know when I hear back from them. It might seem odd that I am still applying for internships with almost 2 years of experience under my belt, I know that these are amazing opportunities.

I would love to begin to apply for graduate programs. However, before I invest thousands of dollars and hours into a career path, I want to be sure it is the right career path for me. This means I need hands on working experience – and because I do not have a degree in the field, internships are the perfect way to try it out.

What about you? Is graduate school necessary in your field? Have you attended graduate school? If so, how did you decide on a program, did you work first?



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