Dog Mountain – the sequel


Last December Connor and I hiked Dog Mountain. We were very underdressed for the knee deep snow we encountered half-way up, however, we persevered. After the hike, his mom mentioned that, come spring, she would love to take Ahmed (their Yemeni exchange student) up there to see the view. Today, that is what we did.

I must admit that the hike went well! His family is extremely athletic and had no problem with the steep incline. I felt much more prepared this time around – I wore my nike free running shoes, capri running pants and a sweatshirt. This was the perfect attire for the weather. Predictably though, I did have one small issue.

When we were nearing the summit, the last bit of trail in the woods was VERY VERY muddy. I was slipping and sliding all over the place. I wanted to blame it on my shoes…but unfortunately, Ahmed was wearing the exact same pair and wasn’t struggling like me. After everyone got passed the muddy slope and stood above on the next switchback, they started to cheer me on. I fell to the side of the path once but managed to catch myself with my hands. After trying a few more times to walk up the slick path, I gave up and just crawled through the underbrush between the two switchbacks.

As frequently as I hike and enjoy the outdoors, you would think that I would be much better at this. Unfortunately, I don’t think I am predisposed to coordination and athleticism. (I also called the switchbacks tiers…like a cake…oops.)

Oh well! I made it up, and back down (again through the trees and not on the path). As long as I don’t break out in a rash from poison oak, I will be happy with my performance. Below are some pictures, please enjoy them!


Look out point with Connor, myself, Jane and Ahmed
Spring flowers
Cool USGS marker from 1939

3 thoughts on “Dog Mountain – the sequel

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself a bit more this second go around!! Your pics and recap make me want to go on this hike so bad! It is at the top of our list for next time!!

  2. Not too stoked on the picture of me. We are on a slope, and it creates this illusion of shortness that I don’t enjoy 😦

    With that said, you wrote a nice post, and I think you should check out some of the photos that I have of the hike. I have pictures you can later use to show how much your poor future marathon shoes have been through!

    1. I look substantially shorter than Jane. I am shorter than her but not that much! I’m excited to see the pictures that you have. And those shoes? Yeah…I still have to clean them…I really wish you had gotten a picture of me failing hard in the mud.

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