A Korean Temple in Virginia

Hi all,

I spent the weekend of the fourth in Hot Springs, VA. It’s a VERY rural area but home to a beautiful resort, golf courses, and my grandparents vacation home. I love spending time there. Usually I spend all my time zoning out by the pool – one of my favorite past times.

My grandparents’ friend also has fallen in love with the beautiful country of Hot Springs and built himself a Korean Temple on the hillside. He spent a number of years working in Korea and said that their culture really inspired him. He then brought Korean architects over to Virginia and had thisย unbelievableย temple built. In one sense the temple seems so out of place in rural Virginia, but in another, it seems to fit right in with the natural landscape.

I’ve included some pictures below of this unexpected gem!

The entry way
Stone garden that supposed to guard the temple
Unbelievable landscaping and beautiful pool
Interior of the temple (the downstairs is his living space and I didn't take any pictures)
Breathtaking view

Though an unexpected sight in Virginia, the temple was amazing and I’m so glad we got to take a little tour!

Thanks for reading!




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