Hi friends,

Here are a few more shots of my weekend in Boston! If you have the opportunity to go (and have a good host like I did), do it! It was so much fun. While touring the city, I amused myself by trying to figure out which bridge Ben Afflect had to cross in The Town, what building Martin Sheen fell off in The Departed, which college Matt Damon worked at in Good Will Hunting and which neighborhood Mark Walberg is from (Southie not South End). There are so many Boston movies that finding pop-culture references was quite easy. (Yes, I am a huge nerd).

Beacon Hill - Abby's neighborhood
Thanks for having me, Abby!
Beginning of our duck boat tour
Statehouse - if only Oregon's capitol building was this cute...
Boating part of the tour
Boston Common - trying to keep my hair from flying in Abby's face
The Boston Common is pretty - sorry your land was taken Mr. William Blaxton!
South End



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