For all of you that don’t know, I just spent 4 days in Chicago. Having never been there before, it was great to see the windy city in all of it’s summer glory. I loved it!

I know that the sub-zero temperatures and strong winds in the winter might make me change my mind, but it seemed like a great place to go to grad school! One of many options to consider…

I had many adventures while there. I visited Obama’s house, made friends with secret service agents, rode the bus to the south side (very different from downtown), ran along the beach, got lost on a run, went on a bike tour, went on a boat tour, learned about some architecture, went to the top of the Hancock building, went to a blues concert, took pictures of the bean, rode the ‘L’, and fell in love with this beautiful city!

Below are a few pictures! Have you been to Chicago? What did you do and what did you think of the city?

Lake Michigan is huge!
Awesome view
Awesome view
Check out the guy jumping behind me
Chicago river at night
Buckingham fountain (and a sweaty Arielle)
The bean
Cool bridge - I thought Portland was the city of bridges but Chicago has WAY more
End of the boat tour

I have tons more pictures so if there is something you want to see just let me know and I’ll post it.



One thought on “Chi-Town

  1. Love these pictures. I dying to go to Chicago. Let’s take a couples trip!! Or better yet, let’s just all live there together in perfect harmony.

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