Rafting the White Salmon

Hi friends!

Sorry for my long absence. I haven’t been taking pictures which means I’ve had few things to put on the blog! While I could go into text heavy posts about my activities, feelings and doings as of late, I just always assume that pictures are better and skip that part.

I don’t have very many pictures to share with you today but I wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to! A few weeks ago I rafted the White Salmon river with Connor’s family. It was a great day. My primary focus was to not fall off the raft and I succeeded (thank god). I’m always the one that has issues when we do outside adventures and I just wanted to not hog the spotlight.

It was beautiful –ย quintessentialย Pacific NW. While driving back to Portland, we got the most amazing view of Hood River and the Gorge. All of these people were out kiteboarding and windsurfing and it looked like so much fun! Maybe that will be my next adventure…

So beautiful!
This is where you can see I've completely neglected paddling and am focussing on holding on to the raft - I'm the middle-left.

I’ll upload more pictures later. It was such a fun day!

My other activities as of late include studying for the GRE, working, running (finally started preparing for my Oct. 16th half marathon), and enjoying the perfect weather we’ve been getting. I hope you’ve had the opportunity to do the same!



2 thoughts on “Rafting the White Salmon

    1. Liz – It was SO beautiful and such a good time. Here in the NW though, the water can remain just above freezing all year round. It was around 40 degrees and in order to enjoy it we all had to wear wet suits.

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