Long stories

Hello friends,

As you all know, I like to tell stories. Sometimes they are about friends, family, dogs, work, internet findings, chance encounters or even the occasional random train of thought. While not always of J.K. Rowling caliber, I can tell you one thing – they are accurate.

I don’t change punch lines to make them funnier or accredit myself with tales that are not my own. I’m a little too obsessed with authenticity and accuracy – often to my own (and my poor listeners) detriment.

I take a funny encounter and ruin it with too many details and long-winded explanations of circumstance and context.

Details are my downfall.

Details are perhaps needed in a 754 page novel, but, most likely unneeded in a three minute conversation with acquaintances.

But don’t worry, my friends, I have been made aware of this shortcoming many times. I now try to hone in on the point of my ramblings and leave my detailed details out. (I should probably practice this at home in front of the mirror…but who has time for that)!

So instead I do things like I did today. I was so aware that I was getting started on a much too complicated story, that I just tried to summarize………..and I botched it.

I successfully said nothing after about five minutes of rambling. Most awkward conversation of my life.

What can I say, I’m a work in progress 😉

Rome wasn't build in a day!

3 thoughts on “Long stories

  1. Haha oh arielle this is just part of your charm and i love you more for it ♥ i love that i can just picture this whole thing going down. haha “i love you just the way you are”(bruno mars…citing my source;)

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