Year in review

Last night I was thinking about how incredibly fast 2011 went by. This day last year, I had just gotten back from DC and Connor and I decided to hike Dog Mountain. We were grossly underprepared for the weather but it was a beautiful day and we loved the panoramic views. (You can read more about my brush with hypothermia here).

I can’t believe how fast this year came and went. This time last year I was unemployed and and consumed with finding the perfect job (which I did). Today, applications, test scores and essays are consuming my life. I don’t know what 2012 will bring but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for graduate school, an apartment, more wonderful memories with friends and moving to new city (perhaps!). I will keep you posted.

I just scrolled through the last 12 months in iphoto and below you will see a few of my favorite memories from 2011.

Dog Mountain!
Stunning views.
If you listen closely you can hear me coaching myself, "don'tpanicdon'tpanicdon'tpanicdon'tpanic." I am deathly afraid of heights.
Taking my favorite dogs for a walk in the spring.
Wooden shoe tulips.
Just another rainy night in Portland (probably taken in June...)
Dog Mountain round two with the Blount-Kitts family (this was in June).

Blues festival in Portland.
It was finally sunny!
Korean Temple in Virginia.
Rural Virginia is very pretty!
I went to Boston, watched a Red Sox game and saw a fight!
In Boston, I got to visit my friend Abby - she was the best host!
I went to Chicago for the first time.
I went to President Obama's house - we had tea. I kid, I kid...I couldn't get near the house!
I went on both a night bike and boat tour of Chicago.
A friend took some pretty pictures of me.
I went to Astoria with Connor.
We soaked in some wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean and the Columbia River.
We drank a few brews.
I went to Irving Street Kitchen and enjoyed their bloody Mary's.
Ashley visited Oregon (yay!) and we went to Timberline Lodge.
Amanda and I had some adventures in Central Oregon.
Central Oregon is pretty.
Amanda and I played around in a photobooth.
I made some yummy cupcakes.
Katy staged them on the table.
I went to Boston for a second time! This time I was visiting Connor (he moved there in September).
I went to David Hill winery with Amanda and she took a ton of pretty pictures!

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