New camera, new chapter

Hello all,

As always, sorry for my long absence. I’ve been in limbo for the last few months unsure of my next move. While nothing is final yet, come back soon and I will be able to reveal where graduate school is taking me!

This past weekend was a sunny one in Portland. I know we still have a few more weeks of rainy, gray days, but weekends like this one remind us all why we stick around. There is nothing like Portland on a sunny day – the city is so alive and SO green, cherry blossoms are everywhere andΒ everyone comes out to play in the sunshine.

I went on a hike with Amanda and Mackenzie up through Forest Park to the Pittock Mansion. There is no better way to christen a new camera than a gorgeous day, a hike and the views from Pittock Mansion, 1000 feet above downtown.

Pretty tulips
We started at the Lower Macleay trailhead in Forest Park
Oregon can be vibrantly green
Amanda also enjoyed the cherry blossoms
Pittock Mansion
Portland is pretty
Portlanders out in the sunshine

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