My day at the dude ranch

Rolling grass fields as far as the eye could see

Hi y’all!

If you’re wondering why I’m using the country lingo, it’s because I recently took a field trip to a real, working ranch outside of Sheridan, Oregon. There I learned the difference between a cow, calf, heifer, steer and a bull.

Okay, while it may not have been a “field trip” per-say, I did learn a lot and had the opportunity to watch a private bull riding show. I was invited as a plus-two to a social event put on by the board of an organization my boyfriend’s mom is on. It was a beautiful summer evening and I had a great time at the ranch. Below are some pictures!

This was my best attempt at a ranch outfit…note the boots!
I made a friend! She loved me πŸ™‚
These are the bulls they raise for rodeos across the country
More bulls
Bull riding – it was scary to see everything so close! I was afraid they were going to get smashed into the gate or the wall and a few times they almost did!
Crazy bull riding
Crazy bull riding
Beautiful farm land

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