My day at the dude ranch

Rolling grass fields as far as the eye could see

Hi y’all!

If you’re wondering why I’m using the country lingo, it’s because I recently took a field trip to a real, working ranch outside of Sheridan, Oregon. There I learned the difference between a cow, calf, heifer, steer and a bull.

Okay, while it may not have been a “field trip” per-say, I did learn a lot and had the opportunity to watch a private bull riding show. I was invited as a plus-two to a social event put on by the board of an organization my boyfriend’s mom is on. It was a beautiful summer evening and I had a great time at the ranch. Below are some pictures!

This was my best attempt at a ranch outfit…note the boots!
I made a friend! She loved me 🙂
These are the bulls they raise for rodeos across the country
More bulls
Bull riding – it was scary to see everything so close! I was afraid they were going to get smashed into the gate or the wall and a few times they almost did!
Crazy bull riding
Crazy bull riding
Beautiful farm land

Rachel’s graduation

Hello friends,

I have a ton of pictures from last weekend’s family festivities and my little sister Rachel’s graduation. She did so well in high school but I know she will excel even more in college. I’m so excited to see what she will do with her life!

The graduate
The intern
My brother, Noah, lookin sharp – Also a graduate as of this week!
The Kane family siblings

With my brother Noah graduating from the University of Oregon, and Rachel graduating from high school, Adam is the only only left at home! He just finished his freshman year of high school. Crazy to think that in just three more short years my parents will probably be downsizing!

It’s official!

I’m going to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. to get my master’s in public policy! I’m so excited. It feels so great to start moving towards a goal – and beyond limbo-land. I have always hated NOT having a plan – and now I have a plan and a course of action for the next two years.

I’m so excited to be a Georgetown Hoya!

I bet you didn’t know that this is how Georgetown welcomes their new students! 😉

Tulip Festival

This weekend, Amanda and I decided to go work on our photog skills at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. It was a perfect day for taking pictures and we were able to get there early enough to beat the crowds. We then took a side trip to the Oregon Garden Brewing Festival and drank a few tasty Oregon microbrews. It was a perfect Saturday.

I hope you love tulips as much as I do or you might find the rest of this post a bit dull. Enjoy 😉

No festival is complete without kettle corn!

It was a little brighter than I anticipated 🙂
Amanda enjoyed the gardens and beer at the Silverton Brew Festival!
The Oregon Gardens is very pretty!
I got to return home with these lovely blooms for my dresser top.

Beautiful places

As I get ready for school this fall, I find myself longing for an adventure. I’ve been pretty grounded for the last three years, and I’d love to jet off to somewhere new and exciting before I begin my next chapter! Below are a few pictures of my European rendezvous from a few years ago.

Until I have the money and time to travel abroad, I will stick with looking for adventure in Oregon.


New camera, new chapter

Hello all,

As always, sorry for my long absence. I’ve been in limbo for the last few months unsure of my next move. While nothing is final yet, come back soon and I will be able to reveal where graduate school is taking me!

This past weekend was a sunny one in Portland. I know we still have a few more weeks of rainy, gray days, but weekends like this one remind us all why we stick around. There is nothing like Portland on a sunny day – the city is so alive and SO green, cherry blossoms are everywhere and everyone comes out to play in the sunshine.

I went on a hike with Amanda and Mackenzie up through Forest Park to the Pittock Mansion. There is no better way to christen a new camera than a gorgeous day, a hike and the views from Pittock Mansion, 1000 feet above downtown.

Pretty tulips
We started at the Lower Macleay trailhead in Forest Park
Oregon can be vibrantly green
Amanda also enjoyed the cherry blossoms
Pittock Mansion
Portland is pretty
Portlanders out in the sunshine